boho dreamer.


It's 2010, and I left Sixth Form (that's high school, for my Stateside pals!) having not tried all that hard and resigned myself to a life of office admin work. Well, it only took 45 days before I felt creatively suffocated. I started a fashion blog called Lucinda's Closet where I would get my Mum to shoot my outfit pictures on an iPhone 3G before I would commute into work each day. It was very glamorous, as you can imagine. My 18th birthday, I bought my first DSLR camera to try and up my blog game - and it worked!

After about 400 days of office life, on a rainy Tuesday morning at about 11am, I decided enough was enough. I applied to a University in my city knowing full well I didn't meet the grade requirements. After seeing my blog, my writing and photography, they lowered the mandatory grade boundary so I could join. The course was BA(Hons) Writing Fashion & Culture. 

I landed a job at the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store that got me through my 3 years of study, and it was there that my driven and inspired mind began to flourish. It was an environment positively saturated with creative, entrepreneurial individuals. From then on, I began picking options within my degree to gear it toward graphic design, social media and photography. 



For all of 2014, I freelanced with a very influential Style Blogger as her VA - running social media accounts, conducting shoots and writing viral content. Come 2016 it was time to start thinking about the future. My Uni pals were applying to graduate jobs, but I didn't want to work for anyone. I'd already done that for years!

On February 1st 2016, I closed Lucinda's Closet and 'launched' (when I say launched, I mean I put out one tweet to my network saying 'hey gang I do this thing now') - byLucinda. A Creative Virtual Assistant service for creative, female-run businesses. On April 25th 2016, after many a hefty planning and spreadsheeting session with my coach Els, the business had picked up so much momentum I was able to quit my wonderful job at Apple and begin running byLucinda full-time. On July 12th 2016, I graduated university with a First Class Honours Degree in Writing Fashion & Culture with a focus on digital design. 


I now help some of the most influential women in the online creatives industry bring clarity, automation, gorgeously unique design and productivity to their businesses, and blog about things that'll help you get there, too!