4 Online Tools I Recommend To All My Clients

As a VA I'm often asked which tools I recommend for online automation, scheduling, billing, project management, time tracking and system control. These four have stood the test of 2016 for me which in tech-time is HELLA time. Plus a free month of ConvertKit and fortnight of 17Hats!

If there's one thing I get excited about, it's automation systems. I know, I know, you're on the edge of your seats. Yes, I'm 23, fresh out of university, got excited about buying a vacuum today and I love automation tools. I'm a SCREAM

One thing I get asked by almost every client when starting out is "How can I bring more automation and ease to my business?" and these four systems in tandem are my trump card (and no, I don't mean the whispy-fox haired, overly tanned, xenophobic excuse of a Presidential candidate). When answering their question, I explain how beautifully these tools work together and by the time I've finished, I'm hired. These are my favourite online tools for business automation, organisation and management.


Running a business means you aren't just a graphic designer, or course creator, or coach or artist or whatever. You're also an accountant, a lawyer, a project manager, a sales person and a person who probably doesn't get enough sleep. 

17Hats understands that. I first heard about this tool back in February when I first launched, and I count myself super lucky I found them early on. In 17Hats, I can house all my contracts, invoices, project information, clients, income, expenses, calendars, emails and to-do lists. This is legit a one-stop shop for business management and I love it! Its workflows and automations save me so much time, setting up all client processes as soon as a lead in generated, and my clients echo the praises I sing of it once they're signed up to!

Sign up for a 15 day free trial to 17Hats by clicking here!
*p.s. if you have a lot of information to migrate over, let me help you with that!


Did you know I'm one of the first ever ConvertKit Certified Migrations Specialists?! You might think that makes me biased, but I was a customer of CK's long before I joined their squad of certified VAs. It's certainly a bonus for clients who are fed up with their current email list provider, because I can take away that fear of migrating for them.

My biggest gripe with tools like MailChimp was that if a reader who already subscribed to my list downloaded another lead magnet, their email address would be duplicated on my list and I'd be paying for two subscribers, rather than one. Perhaps my favourite feature of ConvertKit is tagging. Existing or new subscribers can download as many lead magnets as they want, and simply me tagged as interested in that topic, remaining as one subscriber.

I'm not exaggerating when I say my then fairly stagnant list had doubled within a month of making the move to ConvertKit. The customisable forms implementable anywhere on your site mean more people see your content, and the SEO in the code used means it ranks higher on most social media platforms. I'm still getting subscribers from blog posts I wrote months ago! 

Try out ConvertKit free for a month when migrating over with me, or click here to find out more.
*note: free month only applicable when migrating with me, enquire here before signing up!

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If you're anything like me you probably buy planners and journals a-plenty with no real use for them, because you're already balls deep in your all time fave. Well, for me, the ultimate planning duo is my Kikki-K time planner and Asana. Paper planners are great for general day planning, whilst Asana breaks down the nitty gritty task by task for you and your team. The first thing I do when signing a new client is to set us up a joint Asana project. It means we can both track project progress, assign and due date tasks and even have conversations in-task, bouncing ideas back and forth.

What's more? It's completely free for a basic plan! Click here to sign up!

Acuity Scheduling

It's a simple interface, it's incredibly customisable, it links with my Google calendar, ConvertKit sequences and 17Hats and they're big cat fans. It's a win win with Acuity. I use Acuity to schedule in calls with both prospective and existing clients. The intake forms allow me to 'pre-screen' clients, ask them anything and gauge how comfy they are with video calls etc. whilst the Google Cal integration means all the notes from said intake form gets added to the notes for each meeting. Less flitting between programmes or making notes, and more productivity! Oh, and did I mention you can embed appointment scheduling on your website? It's the bomb dot com!

Sign up for Acuity Scheduling here, and if you find the secret kitty photo on their site you get 3 months free!

I recommend these tools to every single person I meet who is struggling with automation and business management. They work for me, they work for them and I'm almost 100% sure they'll work for you too!

What are your favourite business tools? Let me know in the comments section below!