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This series was specifically designed to help inspired side-hustlers make a smooth and successful transition from side-hustle to self-employed! I break down each step to ensure you've planned out everything as meticulously as possible, to see the same successes I did in a short period of time! Trust me, this s*** works. The #GOFULLTIME Series is finally live and I'd be so happy to have you on board!

Hey squad! 

How has your week been? I'm writing this from a gorgeous woodland house in Massachusetts visiting my client and all round online business superstar Mariah Coz of Femtrepreneur. That's crazy, right?! To think 10 months ago I was still in school, working in retail and feeling generally a bit bored with life and now I'm running my own business and getting to travel the world doing so. It's fucking insane.

It's freezing here, at a chilly 6 degrees, and we're all sat around the table in the sun room working away on our laptops. I never imagined this life for myself before this year, but I made it, and if you haven't already seen me yelling about this series across the internet, I'm helping you make this life too. 

I managed to go from 0 clients and offerings to a full menu of services and blocked out calendar in around 6 weeks. And although you don't have to move this quickly at all (although a run deadline can often promote better productivity), I narrowed down my method to 3 steps.

prep | hustle | execute

What felt like madness at the time was actually incredibly meticulous, I had got it down to a science.

This series will be free for a limited time and I URGE you all to sign up even if you're just flirting with the idea of going full-time in your business, I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm covering everything from the ground up, from planning out your services and offerings, to finding your ideal client, time planning, forecasting income and building a solid side hustle before you make the move. In the words of my soul sister and client Meg

"Get this shit together but don't die doing it."

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